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Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center Infrastructure


It’s a new form of data center management with extend the more traditional systems and network management approaches to now include the physical and asset-level Component. DCIM tools provide data center operators with the ability to identity, locate, visualize and manage all physical data center assets, provision new equipment and plan capacity for future growth.

A wide variety of software products are being used to monitor and manage physical systems, at trough these platforms are not integrated with each other.

Currently data center managers have no effective tools for reconciling power, cooling and IT capacities in real time. Those are some reasons why significant amounts of data center capacity remain unused, a major factor is certainly the concern of risking a shutdown by pushing the system to close to its full capacity. Without DCIM managers trend to create a false utilization ceiling under which they operate. The data center and the IT organization are critical to the business success. Many data center managers are not yet aware of DCIM software. At AJS Groupe trough ours partners we have software that bring together facilities, IT, people, processes and new systems to create an overall view of the data center. These tools can also help control energy cost and increase operational efficiency. DCIM tools will soon become the mainstream in data center. Don’t miss the boat, contact us for a free consultation.