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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling


In the 1970s, the communication networks in the field of IT had cables developed by manufacturers like IBM or Digital. This created a set of disparate components and a physical disorder in the building infrastructure.

It was necessary to develop a homogeneous system able to support the need of different manufacturers. A standardized method of integrated structured system design and installation was created for the data, voice and media, this method is called STRUCTURED CABLING.

This system pre-wired a building without knowing the needs of each user. The phone, the computer and the printer can co-exist and use the same infrastructure.

The structured cabling philosophy is a systematic method of laying cable and connector infrastructure (copper and fiber) in a building or office. This wiring requires infrastructure planning, a method of identification, grounding and bounding, possibility of expansion, compliance with standards in relation to disturbing elements (high voltage motors, electrical cabinets, neon …) And distances.

Our work at AJS is to provide a quality cabling, certified by the manufacturer, performing, allowing the harmonization of computers, fax, telephones, printers, access cards, surveillance system. Quality, reliability and support are the top three (3) requirements for IT services.

The network infrastructure is designed to optimize each cable. Structured cabling minimizes the risk of downtime and avoids business interruption, which represents costs for the company.
Attention do not neglect the connection cord, they are integral parts of your network. A poor quality cord will affect the entire network