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GPS system

GPS system


Take full control of your fleet. Improve your bottom line.
Solve your Fleet Management Challenges with GPS Tracking.
The Challenge

Knowing exactly where your vehicles are of where they have been is crucial to the profitability of your company, the safety of your employees and your peace of mind. Reducing fuel expenses, reducing overtime, eliminating billing disputes to increasing customer satisfaction, being able to accurately know where your vehicles are and where they have travelled can dramatically affect your profit & loss statement. Businesses lose millions of dollars every year due to lack of effective control in fleet management. Inefficient routing, overtime irregularities, excessive speeding & idling, unauthorized vehicle usage are just a few things that will erode an already diminishing profit margin.

GPS Tracking is a technology that affects behavior. Accountability, responsibility and transparency are all positive byproducts that result in reduced costs and improved productivity.

The Solution
Install GPS Tracking and take control!

By logging in to the easy-to-use interface you will be able to see where everybody is and where they have been. Be notified of speeding and idling events. Use the routing feature to dispatch the nearest vehicle to the next service call. Communicate with drivers using two-way text messaging with the Garmin PND and reduce your cell phone bills. Use the maintenance feature to get auto notifications when the next oil change, tire rotation or service is due on each of your vehicles.

Generate Informative Reports:
  • Trip details
  • Speeding
  • Landmark
  • Idle
  • Mileage
  • Geo-fence
  • Stop Time
  • Sensor On/Off
Increase productivity

Knowing where your vehicles are allows you to be more productive. An increase of only 1 service call, delivery or sales call per month more than pays for GPS Tracking.

Reduce fuel expense

It’s no secret that speeding costs, both in increased fuel consumption and in safety.  GPS Tracking will allow you to keep speeding in check by being notified when infractions occur. Excessive vehicle idling is not just a money burner it is also a ticketable offence in some cities. GPS Tracking can alert you to which vehicles are habitually idling. Reducing fuel consumption by even 5% more than pays for GPS Tracking.

Eliminate unauthorized usage

Vehicles being used for personal errands during company time can dramatically affect company profitability. The one and a half hours that vehicle was being used to pick up a sofa from the “sister-in-law” and deliver it to “buddy” is one and a half hours of wages, fuel, wear and tear on the vehicle that could have been used to do a service call that would have resulted in a billing of 342$ for a motor, a bearing assembly, trim work… (Fill in whatever your company does).

Increase customer satisfaction

Being able to accurately tell your customers where the driver, technician, delivery person is makes customers happy. It shows that a company is genuinely interested in providing great customer serve through accountability. It dramatically eliminates billing disputes by accurately keeping track of when services have been performed.

Reduced management costs:

Here are just a few things that GPS Tracking will do; know where all vehicles are, where they have been, which ones have been speeding, idling excessively, vehicles that are in places they should not be, used for personal use, dramatically reduce the need for the “where are you know” phone call.

  • Fleet Tracking
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Personal Location Devices
  • Lone Worker
Additional Features
  • Monitor sensors from PTO plows, salter, sander, tow truck, accessory motors.


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