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Wireless network

Wireless network


What is it?

Wireless network link together computers and others devices so you can share fits, access the internet and use centralized applications.

At AJS we specialize in LAN (Local Area Networks) and WAN (Wide Area networks). The LAN is usually used in houses and small office linking two or more devices over a short distance. Usually providing a connection trough access points.
The WAN, covers larger areas, it can be used to connect offices, businesses or also as a public internet access system. At AJS we have specialized staff trained to where and how install access
point in your office or business.

We never recommend going fully wireless, but the wireless gives you flexibility at lower cost. We usually recommend then it in Meeting rooms, as a backup network, for visitors with restrictive access, …. Wireless networks are particular useful in situation where running cables would be difficult and expensive. However, Wireless Networks have a few drawbacks, speed, reliability & security. We hardly recommend hiding the networks so when people scan for wireless networks and enable encryption so it’s harder for people to intercept information being send across your networks.